Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross

Sanjeevani - Holy Cross Collaborative Social work, Kalyan

The social wing of the Lourdes Community centre with a strong will to make the people rise from ashes whose life was reduced to rubbles and mud was actually born on 27th July 2005. It was named Sanjeevani which means new life, Sr.Dhanam is a full time social worker in this Collaborative mission with the Parish.

Vision:  To establish just and sustainable society where values of  Love, Peace and Equality are nurtured.

Mission: To restore human dignity of the poor and marginalized through the process of empowerment and development, to preserve ecological balance.


Health Care: Medical camps for the poor and needy are regularly conducted in the tribal village and in the prison. Also health training is given to the staff and in one of the tribal village for 23 women by Health Promotion Trust.

Training programme:

  1. Paraprofessional training to animators
  2. Awareness program on different issues such as human trafficking
  3. Domestic violence
  4. Rally against drug abuse,etc.
  5. Women empowermentt
  6. Creating awareness among people about their rights and duties
  7. To improve their economic standard, the women groups started their saving and mid day meal programme for the school.
  8. To save the environment cloth bags are prepared by women and sold.

Prison ministry:  Release, renewal, and rehabilitation of the prisoners, stitching and needle work classes for women. Medical camps, different competitions are conducted. Counseling and free legal aid is provided for the poor. Sr.Dhanam is the State Secretary for prison ministry.

National Open School:  Trough this program  the youth are brought to the main stream by helping them to complete their Xth and XIIth Std.

Tribal Empowerment: In 5 Kathkari tribal villages women groups are started and different issues like Ration Card, Government programme are taken up.

Besides this,  Sanjivani works for destitute, Rehabilitation, Human trafficking, HIV/AIDS in collaboration with different NGOs.