Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross

Holy Cross Convent School, Vettilapara

Holy Cross Convent School (C.B.S.E) is a Catholic Institution managed by The Kerala Holy Cross Sisters Society.  It stands as the temple of knowledge and values amidst this small village in Malappuram. It is a laudable landmark in the history of Vettilappara. Began in 1995, it has reached the pinnacle of success in 2014, as the Delhi C.B.S.E Board granted affiliation for the school. Following C.B.S.E syllabus the sisters and the teachers aim at bringing the best in every student. Admission is open for all and their motto is ' We Care'. The slow learners are given coaching and everyone is enabled to do their best. Moral Science class, seminars, Counseling facilities, Yoga, Club activities, National and Cultural celebrations, outreach programs such as visiting the old age home and offering help, financial contribution for the kidney patients, visiting the differently abled children and sharing the 'Christmas Presents, celebrating  'The Grand Parent's Day etc. are the hallmarks of the school. A challenging instructional programme is provided which focuses on the diverse needs of students. The school is characterized by a safe, orderly and attractive campus, a wide range of extracurricular activities, a dedicated and competent professional staff, a supportive and involved parent community and an energetic, enthusiastic student body. While giving international outlook we base our training on Indian culture. Thus we form ideal, responsible citizens with the awareness of justice, truth, love, peace, dignity, religious harmony and national integrity.