Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross

Collaborative Social work with Don Bosco

The Rainbow Home Project has great potential to intervene at the right time in the lives of the vulnerable street girls and change their future to a great extent. It helps  prevent all possible dangers of dropping out of schools, getting married before  18 years and being victims of various exploitative forces such as trafficking, child labour, rag picking etc. The sisters function as Co-ordinator and Home Administrator meeting all the needs of the children. This Home is in government building which is a part of the Government school.

The main purpose of staying in the government school campus is to provide education to the children in the government school within the campus. The children are accompanied and given special coaching in their academic studies. They are given ample opportunities to develop their talents, various camps are conducted to grow as wholesome persons, spiritual exercises like yoga, meditation etc. are given to grow in serenity. The adolescent girls are given counselling to grow as responsible young women in the society. Like the rainbow on the sky these children gradually revive the lost hope in their lives.