Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross

Holy Cross Boarding for Tribal Children

The sisters reach out to the tribal colony. The government has a number of schemes for the tribals’ education. Unfortunately they do not reach the people. The sisters constantly visited the tribal families and encouraged the parents to educate their children.  When they noticed their unwillingness, the sisters promised the parents that they would  take care of their children in their boarding and send them to a church run school and coach them after the school hours. It was a great joy to these people. Hence a boarding was started for these tribal children of the age of 5 -13 years who were eligible for Std I -VIII. Their uniform and other school stationary are sponsored by the hostel girls and local shop keepers. The sisters are happy to see their progress in studies as well as in their behavior. The improvement in their communication skills is enormous. They take total care of these girls.