Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross

Aswas Pain and Palliative Care - Pottayilkada

Palliative care unit is run by Sisters with the co-operation of the Parishners of Arayoor and the local self government, the panchayat. When the complete cure for the terminally ill person becomes difficult, the emphasis of treatment shifts to care for improving the quality of life of the patients and the family. The palliative care team consists of persons from all walks of life such as social workers, counselors, doctors, nurses and good neighbors. The team assures its presence and supports by visiting the patient at home. The purpose of the visit is to make sure the terminally ill person gets adequate care at the last stages of life. Palliative care is neither to prolong the days nor to reduce the days but to improve the quality of life and to give physical comfort through utmost home nursing care preferably administered by a professionally skilled person.  The family members are trained to take care of their sick with maximum love and concern. The patient is emotionally comforted by giving a listening ear. The physical presence during their last stage means a lot to them. District Panchayat and the local panchayats through primary health centre are extending their support by providing free medicines and equipments.