Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross

Holy Cross Collaborative Social work


We the Holy Cross Sisters started our collaborative mission from 2008 with Karunya trust the social action wing of the kalyan Diocese by placing Sr.Edith Gonsalves. She is working as in charge of the rural projects.

Vision of Karunya Trust: To create a just and harmonious society based on the Gospel Values of love, fellowship, freedom and peace

Mission of Karunya Trust: Karunya Trust will restore human dignity of needy and marginalized by addressing the issues of education, health, livelihood, governance and environment. It will facilitate the process of empowerment by enhancing their capacities; promote networking with people’s organization, likeminded NGOs. It will promote development process by mobilizing the potentials and resources available within and outside the communities.

Sr. Edith's  involvement in the rural development as a project in charge:

Formation of Self help groups of women

Facilitator and enabler for Income generating schemes: Linking all SHG with Banks and DRDA (District Rural development Agency) Thane. Income generating schemes : Vegetable cultivation & selling, goat rearing, milk dairy, canteen, catering vessels on rent, cloth bag making, papad making, tractor project, chair & vessels on rent, General store, bricks making, food stall, sari shop, garment unit etc.