Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross

ASRO- the care home for the children suffering from HIV/AIDS :Tivim, Goa

ASRO- the care home for the children suffering from HIV/AIDS at Tivim Goa is the project of Caritas Goa managed by our sisters. ASRO as the name suggest, provides shelter for destitute/ orphaned children with HIV/AIDS, where clinical management of symptomatic infection with early diagnosis is done, rational treatment of infection inclusive of opportunistic infections is given, and nutritional support is provided. Besides, home nursing care to provide symptomatic relief, personal hygiene and prophylaxis, infection control, palliative and terminal care is part of the relief given.

 Besides their academic subjects our children are taught to play music, art, craft, drawing, flower making, indoor and outdoor games and computer classes. Most of them are talented and are gifted. Some of them have won prizes and medals.

As our children suffer from HIV/AIDS their immune system is severely compromised, this means that in order to keep them healthy they need protein rich diet, vitamins and minerals, medication and specialized care. The children also need to go to the hospitals for frequent checkups and blood test and from time to time are admitted for treatment and investigation. All the children take special medication.