Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross


General Chapter 2014

8th July 2014


Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross Ingenbohl ( is an international congregation of 3368 sisters serving in 19 different countries in four continents. The 22nd annual General Chapter is underway from July 7 to August 7, 2014 at the Mother House in Ingenbohl. Fifty Eight delegates from around the globe are taking part in the Chapter this year, praying and discussing the theme “Living in Dialogue”. The team will formulate the guidelines for the future of the congregation. On July 31, the team will elect the General leadership of the community for the next six years. Requesting your valuable prayers on the occasion.



Golden Jubilee of Sr.Leonie kanjirakombil

18th January 2015

HEART CONGRATULATIONS TO SR.LEONIE KANJIRAKOMBIL as she celebrates 50 years of her Religious life.

the celebration was at Holy Cross Convent , Kothanur, Bangalore on January 18,2015.

Initial Yes

5th February 2015

On 5 February 2015, three of our precandidates said their INITIAL YES to the Lord . We are glad to have them with us. Among them two are from Manipur and one is hailing from Nashik. May God bless their dreams and visionsThe three new candidates with Provincial Superior Sr.Lincy Cherian and the newly professed Sr.Suganya .

Entry into Novitiate

2nd March 2015

It was indeed a great day for us "Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross- South Province" as five of our postulants took a further step in their Religious life . They were initiated into Novitiate . Sr.Annette K Purayidam will be accompanying  them in their intense period of formation. We pray God's blessings on them ...

Jubilee year

23rd February 2015

On 23 February we the Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross- South Province, were glad to welcome Fr.Theodosius Florentini our beloved founder in our midst.

 Sr.Lisa Mudoor and Genevieve D’silva from Uganda brought the Shoes and the Passport. Sr.Lincy Cherian, the Provincial Superior, and Sr.Flory D’souza, the Vice Provincial received the shoes and the passport at the main gate of Kothanur. With a garland and by arathi we paid our homage. In procession almost seventy five of us consisting sisters from nearby communities of Bangalore, superiors and the delegates of Follow up chapter, marched towards the chapel with the remaining of our founder. There we had beautiful prayer service led by the formators. The postulants enacted the gist of  Fr.Theodosius life with the theme “Journeying on the roads of the world”

After the prayer all the sisters and the formees gathered at the entrance of Kothanur house. Sr.Lincy Cherian released a white dove and declared opened the jubilee year of 150th Anniversary of the Death of Fr.Theodosius Florentini.

Entry Into Postulancy

6th June 2015

Pre- postulants (left)Sreeja S. Jerald,  Archana Ankush Borde, Nigitha. A, Sr.Lincy Cherian(Provincial Superior) , Roselet John, Savita Jojaph Luji, joined Postulancy in Kothanur on  6 June 2015. As they take a further step in their formation may they hear the Lord’s call more clearly and respond faithfully.                                                                                                      postulance with Sr.Lincy Cherian ,the Provincial Superior, South Province,  Bangalore

Community at Nashik

16th June 2015

We are glad to announce the erection of the new community in Nashik Diocese at Panodi village, of Maharashtra. Rev. Fr. Ravi Tribhuvan Vicar General of the diocese blessed the house on 16 June 2015 and Sr.Lincy Cherian the Provincial Superior inaugurated the community. The Provincial Councillors Sr.Alphonsa, Sr.Sherina, Sr. Mercy Jose and 16 sisters from Maharashtra communities were present on this auspicious day. We wish God’s blessings upon Sr. Edith and the sisters in the mission of the Lord in Nashik.

Golden Jubilee of Sr.Janette K

13th August 2015

Congratulations. Dear Sr.Janette Kallarackal

Celebrating God’s faithfulness ........!!!!!!!!




The Golden Jubilee of Sr.Janette Kallarackal was celebrated in Holy Cross Convent, Thrikkakara on 13 August 2015, with a solemn high Mass at 10:30am.  The altar and the sanctuary were beautiful in their decorations of ferns. The celebrant of the Mass was Mar Jose Puthenveettil the Auxiliary Bishop of Ernakulum - Angamaly Arch Diocese.

The joy of Sr.Janette was doubled in the presence of her many Holy Cross Sisters , and her family members.

Welcome Silver Jubilarians

1st August 2015

The one month programme of the silver Jubilarians was inaugurated by Sr.Lincy Cherian, Provincial Superior, South Province, Bangalore on 1 August 2015. The Jubilarians were led to the hall by an entrance dance, lighting of the lamp and handing over a the sign of warm welcome. Sr.Flory led the gathered in prayer after which Sr.Lincy Cherian addressed the Jubilarians with her thought provoking words and introduced the awaited programme of the month.

We wish them good time in the company of the Lord and one another....

Celebrating God's Fidelity

31st August 2015

Today was the most joy filled day in the life of fourteen of our sisters as they celebrated their twenty five years of service in the vineyard of the Lord at Holy Cross Convent, Kothanur on 31 August 2015. The day began with a beautiful prayer service, followed by Eucharistic celebration. The silver jubilarians were led to the altar through an entrance dance by the formees. The main celebrant of the day was  Rev. Fr. Xavier Sanjivi CSsR  who beautifully summarized God’s fidelity in our lives.   After the Eucharistic celebration sisters were felicitated  and all the invitees were served delicious meal. The days celebration was brought to an end by a beutiful entertainment programme by the formees guided by the formators.


The jubilarians thanked the Almighty for His faithfulness, and the congregation for the support. They too expressed their ggratitude to all the Provincial Superiors specially to Sr.Lincy Cherian and the team for making all the arrangemnets for the renewal programme during one month . Special thanks to Sr.Neeta & community was expressed for taking care in every way .

God bless us all ..... May God’s name be praised.......

Thanks to one and all


The installation of our provincial team

8th March 2016

The installation of our provincial team took place on 08 March 2015.

We pray for God’s blessings on the newly appointed team Sr.Flory D’souza, the Provincial Superior, Sr.Georgia Vadakkethalakal the Assistant Provincial, and the councillors Sr.Sherina Pereira, Sr.Mercy Jose, Sr.Marshan Rodrigues and Sr.Archana Padikara.  

Final Profession

8th December 2015

We congratulate our Final professed Sisters,

                           Sr. Barbara Mendonca & Sr.Glory

                    Sr. Nisha Parecattil

                        Sr.Jessy Joseph & Sr. Jenet D'mello

for their total “Yes” to the “Lord” on 08 December 2015 at Kothanur. The main celebrant of the solemn Eucharistic celebration was Rev. Fr.Joe Mathias SJ, Rector of St Peters’ Pontifical Seminary, Bangalore.

Silver Jubilee of Mira Road School

22nd December 2015

Hearty Congratulations to pioneer sisters and sisters of Mira Road community for their tireless work for the mission at Holy Cross School.As the school at Mira Road rings 25 years of its excellence and service, we gratefully acknowledge the dedication, sacrifice and efforts contributed towards its growth by so many of our sisters. The jubilee was celebrated on 22 December 2015. We wish God’s blessings upon the sisters, staff and students.

Celebration of the Jubilee year.

15th February 2016

Celebration of the Jubilee year of our beloved founder Fr.Theodosius Florentini : On the 15 February 2016, the Provincial team, superiors and heads of the institutions, Sisters from neighboring communities and formees gathered at Kothanur for the Conclusion of the jubilee year of Fr.Theodosius. Sr.Savita and the Postulants led us into prayer and the spirit of our founder through a meaningful prayer service . The Postulants enacted few life incidents from the life of our founder Fr.Theodosius .
After the prayer we moved towards the plot which is set to build the MERCY HOME for the destitute women. This home will be named after Fr.Theodosius. Fr.Faustus blessed the foundation stone and the plot,  Sr.Lincy Cherian laid the foundation stone.
Thereafter the portrait of Fr.Theodosius which was placed at the entrance throughout the year was taken in procession by Sr.Lincy Cherian  as a sign of concluding of the jubilee year of our Founder Fr.Theodosius Florentini.

Summer Camp at St. Joseph's School, Neermarga

27th April 2016

Summer Camp at St. Joseph's school, Neermarga.

Camp Started on 27th April 2016. It is initiated by Mr. Nikson one of the ex students of our Rajeshwar High School. The high lights of the Camp are folk dances, filmy dances, rock dances, rap dances, wealth out of waste, cooking without fire, craft articles etc. It is a half day program for 10 days. There are 80 students from the age of 5 to 15. Children are very much interested in the program.



vestition of the novices

16th November 2016

A long awaited day in the life of our Senior novices. A day which they longed for , a day which they dreamt about.

On 16 November five of our senior novices had the vestition ceremony. On this day they received their religious garb.

Sr. J. Jeni Felinta

Sr. Lidiya Devasia  

Sr. Rani Varghese

Sr.  Sheela J.                       

Sr. Sharol Saldanha


Congratulations ….. !!!!!!

     We wish our dear sisters God’s blessings on their   journey ahead.


First and Final Profession

17th November 2016


Image result for Logo of the MErcy Year

Consecrated to Be Merciful







On 17 November 2016 we, the Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross, South Province were glad to participate in the


              First Profession of our novices

Sr. J. Jeni Felinta

Sr. Lidiya Devasia     Sr. Rani Varghese

Sr.  Sheela J.                        Sr. Sharol Saldanha


The Final commitment of our sisters

Sr. Elizabeth R.                Sr. Karoline Ruba

Sr. Reeta D’Souza          Sr. Snehal Coutinho

The solemn Eucharistic was celebrated and the ceremony was officiated by Rev. Fr. Freddie D’Silva , Co-ordinator of Prerana Institute-Bangalore . Holy Cross Convent, Kothanur campus was beautified with colorful decorations. It was indeed a joyful day for all of us. The parents, relatives, friends, religious brothers and sisters from neighborhood joined in our celebration. 


We wish our dear sisters God’s blessings on their journey ahead.


The Provincial team with the sisters who made their First andFinal Commitment



Entry into Novitiate

15th February 2017

Our Postulants : Kavitha R, Smitha Monthry and Sisiliya  expressed their desire to enter into the intensive formation. They were initiated to Novitiate on 15 February 2017. We were glad to have the presence of our superiors from all the communities.  We extend our gratitude for Sr. Savita Karas for preparing our postulants . We wish and pray for the assistance of the Holy Spirit upon Sr. Annette K Purayidam as she will be assisting them in their inner journey. 

Anemia Eradication camp

15th February 2017

Anemia Eradication Camp  was conducted at Raitha Adivasi pada on Sr. Dr.Roshni and team

Bijapur Mission

7th January 2018


Bijapur Mission

07th January 2018 was a special day for the South Province Bangalore as Sr. Valentine D’Souza, Sr. Shaila Ruzario and Sr. Sharol Saldanha was commissioned for the Bijapur Mission which comes under Gulbarga Diocese.   

Sr. Georgia V, conducted the meaningful service, in which Sr. Flory D’Souza the Provincial Superior commissioned our sisters for the pioneering mission at Bijapur.

We wish God’s blessings on our sisters.


School Annual Day - Neermarga

17th December 2017

Annual Day Celebration

On 17 December 2017 St. Joseph English Medium School Neermarga had the Annual Day Function. It was a grand success. Rev. Dr. Fr.  Praveen Martis S.J., the Principal of St. Aloysius College, (Autonomous), Mangalore, was the Chief Guest and Mr. Oliver Pinto, the Panchayath Development Officer of Adyar Panchayath was the Guest of Honor. Over 1000 parents, invited guests and parishners were present for the program. The theme of the Event was “ Karnataka Vaibhava.( the rich Heritage of Karnataka.) 

(Seated Lto R) Master Avin Vas,S.P.L., Miss Nisha G.P.L., Sr. Flavia Mendonca Manager, Mr. Prakash Pereira(Vice President of Parish Council) Sr. Neeta Alva ( H.M.) Fr. Praveen Martis Principle St. Aloysius College,) Mr. Oliver pinto P.D.O., Sr.Mary Fernandes, Sr. Vilma Pinto)

The cultural heritage of Karnataka was beautifully present on the stage in the form of folk dances, skit, pyramid and Yakshagana ( a traditional dance drama of Mangalore). Christmas tableau was the highlight of the evening which gave the message of Christmas to all those who were present. The Std X toppers were honored with cash prizes.


Welcome Dance

Dance by Lower KG

Dance Drama of Mangalore

Veeragase - Warriors dance of Chitradurga Karnataka

Tribal dance of udupi Karnataka

Tribal dance of North Kanara

Dance by Senior KG

Dance by Std VIII

Karate Exercises

Senior Citizens Home

11th January 2018

Foundation stone laid for Senior Citizens Home. 

Kanjirapally is catholic area and financially many of the people are well off and educated. Several mission activities were being conducted in Kanjirapally during the last 23 years. Those   programmes were vocational training programmes, Women’s hostel for the diocesan engineering college and hostel for school children. etc. Those activities helped many young girls. Due to some reasons all these missions did not last very long.

In the past some other welfare activities were thought off including a senior citizen’s home and home for differently able children. Due to the policy of the diocese at that time it was not possible to have such programmes.

Reading the present social condition of the area the diocese has changed its policy and has  gave us the permission to open a senior citizen’s home. In many houses in the state we see senior couples are staying alone as their children got settled in far away cities or in foreign countries.

In such circumstances it was found necessary to have a senior citizen’s home here.  Hence the decision was taken by the provincial team to open such a home.

 Hence all the necessary preparations are being done for the construction of a senior citizens’ home. The foundation stone was laid by Sr. Flory D’Souza, the Provincial Superior on 11 January 2018.  This home can accommodate 30 persons and a few rooms are being provided for our senior sisters.  It is planned in such a way that if there is great demand a few more rooms can be added in future.