Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross

Mission and Spirituality

Our Charism
The source of our Charism lies in compassionate love of God, who emptied himself in Christ Jesus even to the point of dying on a cross. (Phil. 2:7-8). This love deeply affected St. Francis and our Founders and urged them to take concrete action. It also inspires us to make something of this love visible to others in our time and world.

As Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross, we are aware that we are loved, called and sent:

  • To grow more deeply in the mystery of the Cross and Resurrection and draw trust, hope and strength from it.
  • To see the world as God’s creation and all persons as God’s image; to respect their dignity and support them.
  • To practice sisterliness and live the attitudes of Franciscan Minor more deeply.
  • To be with and for people, especially the less privileged, in compassionate love and solidarity.
  • To hear the call of God in the varied needs of the present time and to respond with openness and enthusiasm.

Through our Charism, we take part in the Mission of the Church. We attempt to prepare space for the coming of the reign of God, where people are brothers and sisters.

Short version:
Compassionate Love to all especially the Underprivileged.
2 Cor 5:14

Urged by the Lord’s compassionate love, challenged by the need of the time and as sharers in the mystery of Christ’s Death and Resurrection, we, Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross in India commit ourselves to proclaim the Good News and strive for the creation of a new society of wholesome individuals, families and communities where

  1. The basic needs of everyone are met.
  2. Love, faith, justice, equity, self-reliance, sharing and co-operation are promoted.
  3. People, especially the women, dalits, tribals and other underprivileged persons and groups are organized, enabled and empowered
  4. Children are cared for and do not have to work for a livelihood,
  5. Communal harmony and respect for human life and dignity are fostered,
  6. Nature is protected and preserved,
  7. Christians are strengthened in their faith.

We earnestly desire to bring about an attitudinal change in ourselves, personally and collectively to adopt a participatory and integrated approach at all levels of our involvement. Living in a pluralistic society we want to further networking and collaboration with like-minded persons, groups and Governments.

Our Mission
Following this Charism, we plunge ourselves into risky situations, and it has become an outstanding feature of our congregation, to be a prophet among the unwanted, voiceless, poor, illiterate, downtrodden, the sick and the suffering.

A great power of endurance coming from the crucified Lord helps us to hold out in adverse situations, and to be loyal, faithful and persevering. Without limiting ourselves to any particular apostolate, we strive to be present where the people need us, following the words of our foundress Blessed Maria Theresa Scherer, “There are plenty of people to do the pleasant things, we do not need Sisters of Mercy for that.” Our founders wanted the sisters to be there where our presence is most needed and ardently expected. Our charism will keep its flavor to the extent we remain open to the changing times and are willing to adapt to the needs of the people.

At present we are engaged in the following ministries:

Healthcare: Besides hospitals and dispensaries medial work is extended through nursing schools, medical insurance schemes for villagers, mobile health services, school health programme, serving in Government projects,HIV/AIDS care units, palliative care, free medical camps etc.

Education: The sisters are engaged in educational work in all levels from pre-primary to college level, teachers training, job oriented vocational courses, women’s development projects etc.

Pastoral care: Sisters collaborate with the parish team of their working places in the ministry of faith formation.

Social work: Holy Cross sisters are at work among orphans, the aged, the destitute, HIV affected children, street girls, physically and mentally challenged, trafficked girls and women, prisoners etc. regardless of caste, creed or religion. In collaboration with the Government and men of good will the sisters do all what they can to bring about the needed awakening for a new society based on peace, love and justice.