Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross

Holy Cross Convent, Davis Road, Bangalore

Initially the community was started as a transit house. It was also meant for doing vocation promotion and serve as a study house for sisters and candidates. A hostel was opened for low income working women. Sisters collaborated with the parish in socio-pastoral work especially in cottage industry of the parish. Later on this house was raised as the Regional house and then Provincial House of the South Province

Socio-cultural background of the place:
The area comprises of a dynamic blend of people, belonging to various religions, castes and communities. Usually people live in harmony with each other. The people have the spirit of living life to the fullest. Be it the lower class people or those belonging to the middle or upper class, all have found different means of getting on with life and enjoying themselves. They belong to different cultures, educational and economic background. Many of our parishioners are wealthy and highly educated but at the same time many others belong to the lower class. Many are homeless and live in the slums. Generally the people speak English, Tamil and Kannada.

Community and areas of apostolate now:

Apostolate: Administration, Study House, Community centre for working women and students, Pastoral & Rainbow Home for street girl children, Satgamaya Foster Care Home for the girl children.

Community: The community consists of seven sisters and six candidates. Being the provincial house it takes care of the administration of the province. The sisters run the Community centre for working women and students. At present there are 55 residents in the Community centre. The sisters participate in the activities of the Church like teaching catechism, visiting sick  and communion distribution in the parish as well as for the sick. They attend to the needs of people like providing educational and medical help.

Sr. Lincy Cherian is working in CHAI. 

Srs. Leena D'Costa and Geeta Dabre are staying in rainbow home run by Don Bosco fathers.They take care of 80 street girl children.

Sr. Biji is studying in St. John's medical college doing MBBS. Sr. Navya Alex and Jisha Mathew are in Sanyassa