Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross

Holy Cross Convent, ASRO

It was meant to be a study house for the candidates and engage in vocation promotion.

Besides this the sisters were also engaged in pastoral ministry such as family visit, teaching catechism, meeting the spiritual needs of the old and sick, taking part in the parish council and other meetings of the Diocese.

On 7th June 2002 a centre was opened for women and children who are the victims of HIV/AIDS by Dr. Philomena who was the head of the department of the pediatric at Goa Medical college. This was initiated at her ancestral home at Cansa Tivim. The sisters volunteered to collaborate with her in this charity work.

From July 2003 this care centre is run under the auspices of Caritas - Goa. In April 2004 the women were shifted to Cavalossim and our care centre became only for Children.

Socio cultural back ground:
Initially Goa was a Hindu state. With the arrival of Portuguese in 15th century Hindus were converted to Christianity. Thus many Goans adopted Portuguese culture and became more westernised. Also today many have migrated from other states such as Karnataka, Andra Pradesh, Jharkand, Orissa, Chattisghar, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, etc., in search of job opportunities and better living. So Goa has become multi – cultural state. 

Community and Apostolate:
At present the community consists of three sisters who are fully engaged in meeting the physical, psychological, and spiritual needs of the children. Currently there are 28 children (19 - Boys and 9 - Girls). From 2012 children are admitted to the regular schooling which has brought in them joy, happiness, well being and sense of belonging to the society.