Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross

Holy Cross Convent, Ramayanpatti

Moved by   our Charism – compassionate love to all especially the under privileged, the sisters stepped into Ramayanpatty. They found the people weak in faith, very backward in education economically poor and low in moral values. So the purpose of founding the community was for the upliftment and empowerment of the people and to promote vocations and faith among the people.

Socio – cultural background
Majority of the people of Ramayanpatti village (95%) are Catholics who are settlers from different surrounding villages for earning their livelihood. Many of them are head load workers.   The soil was very rich for cultivation of vegetables, fruits, even paddy the people slowly settled and bought land from the landlords. For the past 40 years the leather   company has polluted the land by chemicals released to the river water, thus turning the water bodies salty. Gradually cultivation was badly affected. As a result the only solution was to look for a job for their existence. Due to illiteracy   the youth and adults became load men. In the beginning when our sisters arrived there were only 40% of the people educated. Though Ramayanpatti village has developed through our presence and involvement yet the people still cling to age old customs and practices. They are prone to superstitious beliefs. There is a real need for a spiritual formation among the people. 90% of the catholic men including the youth indulge in drinking. As a result the women, children and families are very much affected. Many of the women of the village go for building work and the rest work in the rice mills or similar situations. The younger generation lacks ambition and higher goal in life.

Community and apostolate
Apostolate:Education, socio-pastoral

There are 8 sisters in the community. All are involved in the educational and socio-pastoral Ministry. The school has reached Std. VIII with 1214 children. The students come from economically poor background. They do well in curricular and co-curricular activities. The priority is also given for the faith formation of the parishioners by involving in Sunday catechism, SCC meetings, preparing the faithful for liturgy in the parish and substations, Couples for Christ movement etc.