Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross

Holy Cross Convent, Orikottai


•    To meet medical needs of the people
•    To get more vocations.
•    To work for the empowerment of women.

Socio- Cultural background
We are in Orikottai parish which has about 85 catholic families. About 400 years ago Jesuit missionaries brought faith to the area. The parish has six substations. It is a drought affected area and is one of the poorest districts of the state. The main income is paddy cultivation.  They depend on the rain. There are neither cash crop cultivations nor any industries in the locality. People are simple and co-operative. Caste system is very strong in the society. Mostly they marry the relatives. Many children are born with deformities.

Community and apostolate

Apostolate: Dispensary, Socio-Pastoral, Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Special School for Differently Abled

There are at present five sisters and one pre postulant. The target groups of their activities are women and differently abled people.  Physiotherapy is given to the disabled.  There are women’s group (50) and Differently abled self help groups (15).  The meetings are conducted every month in their own villages or in the centre.  Loan is arranged from the bank for them.  The milk society is run by women’s group and around 100 families have joined in their society.   

The sisters collaborate with various activities of Government in the VTC’s An average 25 trainees come to the centre every day.They make envelopes; book binding, waste cloth packets, phenyl preparation etc. The sisters run Karunai Illam, a home for the physically and mentally challenged people especially for children and also those children who are poor and have no parents.Sisters work in Karunai Illam a Special School for the mentally challenged. At present there are 68 children, who are residential. The sisters take active participation in parish activities such as attending the substation mass, house visit, preparing for the liturgy, catechism, choir, church decoration, SCC, Vincent de Paul and in the parish council.They have a dispensary where people of the locality come for occasional treatment.