Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross

Holy Cross Convent, Devarshola

The community was opened in this area to help in the parish, do social work and to start a school for the working class people of the Devarshola and neighboring tea gardens.  Also the sisters were expected to visit the families and to involve them in the educational process of their children.

Socio- cultural background:
Devarshola is situated in a beautiful hill top, surrounded by tea plantation. It is on the boarder of Tamilnadu and Kerala. The people are settlers from two different cultures but they co- exist peacefully, speaking both Tamil and Malayalam and sharing both cultures. Most of them work in the tea estate. There are also some aboriginals residing in the forest area.

The education we impart to the students has contributed a lot for their development. Once the children are educated most of the families shift to town areas for better living condition and job opportunities.

Community and apostolate:
Apostolate: Education, Boarding, Pastoral work
There are seven sisters in the community. The main apostolate is imparting education to the students. They have classes from LKG to higher Secondary. The sisters are also actively involved in the parish activities, catechism teaching, SCC, family visits etc. Many poor students are given fee concession for their education.