Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross

Holy Cross Convent, Avadi

The Holy Cross presence was needed there for various reasons. No women religious congregation was present then in the parish. There was a felt need for spiritual orientation among the staff and students of the parish school. We were asked to take up the administration and teaching posts. To witness Christ’s saving presence among the simple people in our apostolic field and especially in the education circle was the main mission.

Socio – cultural back ground
Most of the people residing at Avadi parish are from different part of Tamil Nadu. Though they are from the same state they are divided on the basis of caste. Since most of them are middle class and lower middle class their main concern is earning enough money to manage their life and give good education to their children. People desire to give moral values and Christian faith to their children.

There are also a good population of people from Kerala and Andhra Pradesh who have found jobs in the central Government companies and Military.  Some North Indians who work in Military and other jobs like construction are also found there. Thus it’s a multi-cultural society.

Community and apostolate now:
Apostolate:  Pre-Primary Teacher’s Training (PPTTI) Collaboration with Parish school, Pastoral Work.   

There are four sisters in the community. They run a pre – primary Teacher training Institute (ECCE) Central Government recognized diploma Course since 2003. Two sisters work in the school run by the parish. They are also engaged in pastoral work – leading choir, teaching catechism, youth animation, liturgical services, house visits and so on. This year the sisters have reopened play school.