Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross

Holy Cross Convent, Nanbhat

The sisters wanted to cater to the material needs of the people of that time and inculcate in them the values like faith, unity, co-operation and harmony among them. So they began faith formation, non-formal education, cultural, pastoral, medical and social upliftment and vocation promotion.

Socio-cultural background
Socially people were poor. Most of them were farmers and depended on the produce of land. People hardly gave any importance to the education of their children. There was joint family system. The climate was cool and pleasant. The people were hard working. Now the people have started moving to the cities and financially they have progressed. They give importance to the education and growth of their children.

Community and areas of apostolate now:
Apostolate: Education, Special School for Differently Abled, Pastoral work

There are seven sisters in the community. They impart education in the school having more than 2000 students from Nursery to Std X.  Since last two years the play group/nursery is started and this year the school for differently abled. Sisters are also actively involved in the pastoral work.