Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross

Holy Cross Convent, Mira Road

To offer education and catholic values to the upcoming new township population.

Socio- cultural back ground
Mira Road is a suburb in Mumbai located just north to the city of Mumbai. It is part of the Mira-Bhayandar Municipal Corporation and Thane district but is also considered Mumbai. The word Mira is of Latin and its meaning is “wonderful, peace, prosperous’. Mira Road is situated on the island of Salcette. A marshy creek divides Mira from Mumbai. Although it is officially not under the BMC, it enjoys all the facilities available in Mumbai like 24 hour power supply from Reliance Energy, telephone services from MTNL, central gas systems etc. Mira road today is one of the most growing areas in Mumbai. St.Joseph Church stands as the largest parish in the archdiocese of Mumbai.The population in Mira Road consists of Multi lingual, Cultural, Migrating population to the city to Sub-Urban. Majority of them are lower middle class and working class. The parish population is above 25,000. (6500 families are registered). Most of them are from Mangalore.

Community and areas of apostolate Apostolate:
Education, Pastoral Work, School for slum Children

There are 7 sisters in the community. The sisters run an English Medium school recognized by Government and impart education from Nursery to STD X.  They have 4000 students and over 100 staff.   Above 70% is Catholic students and 30% is Hindus and Muslims. Special care is taken of the less privileged students.From the year 2005 they have initiated Open School   Hindi Medium (Informal) to give education to the slum children. At present 200 students are attending the school.  They are given free education. 5 teachers are employed to look after the educational needs under the guidance of our Sisters. The infrastructure of the school is shared with the parish for the pastoral needs, especially for catechism teaching. Sisters also go for house visits and Catechism teaching.