Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross

Holy Cross Convent, Kalyan


  • To render service in the then suburban parish of Mumbai in Kalyan.
  • To have a house in Mumbai to facilitate transaction with the mother house and the Indian mission because of the airport and the harbor.

The Proposal to have a separate school for the girls came up from Parishners in 1973. On 13th June 1974 the Holy Cross Convent school started with 400 students from K.G to std IV

Socio-cultural background:
Kalyan, our first station, is situated 54 km, from Mumbai, close to central Railway station. It is a thickly populated area with a floating population. The majority of the people belong to the lower middle class, culturally very mixed; Marathi’s, Goans, Keralites, Guajarati’s, Tamils, Parsis etc live side by side. Marathi, Hindi and English are spoken by a vast majority.

Community and apostolate:
Apostolate: Education, Senior Citizen Home, Socio- Pastoral Community consists of ten sisters engaged in different apostolates.

Main apostolate is education of girls. Sisters teach in the school and college. Total strength of the school is 3425. The strength of the junior college science and commerce stream is 361 girls. Total No of staff 108. One of the sisters takes care of the senior citizen’s Home, run by St. Vincent D’ Paul Society of Mumbai. At present there are 27 inmates. One collaborates with Karunya trust, the social action wing of Kalyan diocese. (Syrian Church). By her collaboration she is rendering service to women, farmers, youth, children and the marginalized community at large.