Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross

Holy Cross Convent, Trivandrum


  • To deepen and to buildup the faith of the Christian Community
  • To give priority to empowerment of women
  • Education
  • Socio-Cultural Background

Trivandrum comes under Latin Diocese of Neyyanttinkara. The people of this area belong to Nadar Community (80%) a mixture of Malayalee and Tamils from Kanyakumari District. Most of them are classified as backward communities. 80% of people are small land holders possessing only a few cents of land.  People are either Government employees or coolie workers. The empowerment of women has helped them to increase their dignity and leadership in the society. Alcoholism and high dowry system still exist in the society.

Community and apostolate:
Apostolate: Socio - Pastoral, Palliative Care, education

There are six sisters in the community. The sisters teach in the school upto Std. 4. One teaches in the parish school.  They give palliative care. Their services are rendered to three Parishes which include 1000 families. Medical services and education are extended to three Panchayaths of the area. About 220 bedridden patients are registered under palliative care.