Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross

Holy Cross Convent, Thrikkakara


  • To screen and select the applicants from Kerala who decide to join us.
  • To provide holiday home for sisters and candidates who are studying in Kerala.
  • To act as a connecting link between sisters and candidates from Kerala with their parents.
  • Socio cultural background of the place

Thrikkakara is of historical importance. It is close to the fast growing fort city Kochi, the business capital of Kerala. Catholic Church has a long history going back to the time of Apostle St. Thomas. People belonging to both Syrian and Latin rite live side by side. The population consists of Hindus, Christians and Muslims in the area. There are places of worship of each religion in close proximity. Many educational institutions are managed by public and private agencies. The educational standard of most people is high. Many industrial concerns are growing fast and the population keeps growing. There are many migrant workers coming from the Northern states for instilled laborers as the local people are engaged in offices and also in cities in other states and abroad. As a whole the religious and social atmosphere is peaceful.

Community and areas of apostolate now

Apostolate: Senior Citizen Home, Hostel, Hospitality, Pastoral work, Counseling & Farm
At present the community consists of 11 sisters. Some of them are elderly and are engaged in various works. The sisters take care of 40 Senior Citizens in Senior Citizen home. There are 50 girls in the hostel run by them who are either studying or working. Besides this, the sisters help the parish with catechism classes, attend/conduct ward unit meeting, visit families, etc.