Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross

Holy Cross Convent, Kanjirapally

Two sisters started working in a diocesan project (Malanadu Development Society) (M.D.S), stayed in the same campus since we didn’t have a community. In the month of November 1993 brought the property with a small house in Palambra and continued the service in M.D.S. In December 1996 the new house was built to start Vocation Training. Due to the shortage of students in 2004 we started the new apostolate – a hostel for the girls of Amal Jyothi Engineering College. Since they shifted the hostel to the college campus in 2011, we began to accommodate the students of Company Secretary Course.

Socio- cultural background of the place:
People are mostly agricultural laborers. They are very friendly.
Community and areas of the apostolate
Apostolate: Hostel, Farm, Pastoral work

Community consists of six sisters. At present the sisters are running a hostel for the students of St. Alphonsa College (Company Secretary with and are involved in Catechism teaching in the parish and also in the Pastoral work.