Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross

Holy Cross Convent, Calicut


  • To provide hostel accommodation for women who are working/studying in Calicut.
  • For women empowerment
  • For vocation promotion
  • To provide vocational training for the youth
  • Socio-cultural background of the place

Calicut is a city of the northern part of Kerala; is situated in the coastal belt. It was a business centre from the earlier times for spices and other agricultural products. Vasco De Gama had landed first Kappad, about 36 kilometers from the city of Calicut.   The residents of the place hail from different parts of the state and a small population from other states. People are generally hospitable, friendly, hard working and live in harmony though it has a mixed socio-cultural and religious background. It is a hub for IT, Education and health facilities. Poor are hit worse than the small farmers who have neither access to proper education or government jobs nor has the wherewithal to technology. The Christian community is also affected by this problem. Families are looking for a change in their new generation’s occupation and looks for job oriented education with better quality even in the midst of their misery experienced within the walls of the household. Education is given much importance; people are highly educated and migrating to Gulf and other countries for better economy. The city faces a lot of labour problem; laborers come to the city mainly the youth from Northen states ie; Begal and Orissa for the construction work to Calicut.

Community and apostolate

Apostolate: College, Vocational Training, Hostels, Pastoral work & Counseling

The community consists of 10 members. Education is the main apostolate of the community. The sisters run the College since 2008 with Under graduation and   Post Graduation. It is a co-education college. It has College extension programme. There is also a vocational training institute. The sisters run hostel for students and working women. They are are involved in pastoral work such as teaching catechism, animating the youth, mothers’ group and SCC meetings.