Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross

Holy Cross Convent, Trasi

To give Medical care for the people around, especially to the poor and vocation ministry.
A hospital was established for the medical purpose but after a few years of service it was closed down due to lack of Doctors available for the service. Besides individual doctors had started their private clinics in Trasi causing decrease of patients in our hospital.

Socio-Cultural background:
Trasi belongs to Udupi district in karnataka.It is a small village on the sea shore.  But the tall and sturdy coconut trees all around the place and the river that flows around Trasi make it beautiful.  Though Trasi beach is unsafe with sudden clffs, its scenic beauty has made Trasi a place of beach resorts which attract many tourists. The main occupation of the people is agriculture and fishing. But those who live on the sea shore do not own agricultural land.  So they made their way to Mysore, Hassan and other towns of Western Ghat in search of jobs.  Most of them worked as unskilled copper smiths. The people who could hardly meet both ends together have become renouned businessmen and gained name in metallergy. People of different caste and creed live in peace and harmony here.

The fisher folk still remain poor and are rather isolated. The vicinity of the convent is of people living in 5 cents lands who belong mostly to Hindu religion.

Community and the apostolate:
Apostolate: Senior Citizen Home, Pastoral work, Teaching in parish school, Farm

Community consists of four sisters. All of them are involved in pastoral work.  Two of them teach in the parish school. The sisters also look after the inmates in Senior Citizen Home. There are … inmates at present.