Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross

Holy Cross Convent, Singasandra

The purpose of starting the house was to engage in socio –pastoral work and have collaborative mission with the MSFS fathers.

Socio-cultural background:
Initially the place was an agricultural rural area having minimum facilities. With globalisation many Indian and foreign IT and other companies opened their branches.  Besides IT industry there are now many cottage industries and garment factories. Job opportunities are grown fast and so also the migration of people to Bangalore seeking jobs leading to increase of population. Many small shops and poor people are being displaced and trees are cut down as a result of the development. The demand for land is also grown and that the price of land is also gone high. The roads are broadened; numerous multi-storeyed flats and business establishments are in and around Singasandra. Many supermarkets and Malls are also opened. People’s life style is drastically changed. They go for modern facilities. Around our convent there are many flats and there are many Catholics. They are very faithful in attending the liturgical services and are eager to give catechism to their children. Many good schools, hospitals are also opened.

Community and apostolate:
Apostolate: Farm, community center for working women, Counseling, Pastoral work, Study House

There are seven sisters in the community. The sisters take care of community center for working women which was opened in 1998 with 100 seats. Personal counselling is taken up by one sister who also goes to conduct group therapy and seminars to different centres. Sisters take care of the cleaning and decoration of the church, prepare for liturgy and take catechism classes. Since 2011 on Sundays Syro Malabar Liturgy and catechism is held in the community center. The sisters take catechism for the children.