Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross

Holy Cross Convent, Mainalli

The purpose was to involve in socio-pastoral work and to meet the health needs of Mainalli area.

Socio-cultural background:
Mainalli is a remote village. We are working with Siddis, Gowlies, Muslims, vadders, Marathas and Lamanies. Siddies are people of African origin who were deported, victims of slave trade settled in the North Karnataka forest since 16th century. With our intervention and working with likeminded groups, the Siddis are being helped to get Scheduled Tribe status recently. Gowlies are cattle rearing as well as farmers. Vadders are stonecutters and farmers. Lamanies are another wandering tribe engaged largely in construction and road building work. People lack decent houses to live, sustaining food, basic health facilities, economic resources, self- esteem, identity, and social standing. Most of these people go away in summer to Goa, Mangalore or to some other towns to earn their livelihood.

Community and areas of apostolate now

Apostolate: Socio-pastoral, Health Centre, Boardings    
There are three sisters. They take care of Social work, pastoral activity, Health needs, boardings, Balwadi, Computer teaching, mobile health service.

Present activities
•  7 Balwadies and Coaching centers
•  4 Boardings – consisting of 98 children.
•  59 Self Help Groups ( 9 of Men and 50 of women)
•  Quilt making by Siddi women – 37 members.
•  7 Children’s clubs
•  Health center
•  Sponsorship programmes.
•  Supportive teaching in Government schools
•  Tailoring centre