Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross

Holy Cross Convent, Kothanur

The purpose of establishing a house at Kothanur was twofold – To have a Provincial house for South Province and a formation house for the Province. Due to some practical difficulties mainly the distance and the conveyance, Kothanur was not found conducive for the Provincial house. Therefore later it was decided to have a formation house and also the ongoing formation programs for the South Province. As a mark of the Jubilee year in 2006 the Province started the Mercy Home for the Destitute Women who are neglected from their families.

Socio-cultural background of the place
Kothanur was surrounded by many villages. Most of the people were agriculturists. They were growing paddy, vegetables and owning the vineyards. Due to the global warming the monsoon has reduced to a few scanty rains. The underground water has reduced to a great extent. People have to buy drinking water. The farmers have given up the farming and trying to sell the land to the City Developers. The population of Kothanur and around the villages is mixed. They belong to different language groups such as Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. As a whole they live in peace and harmony. It is a growing suburb of Bangalore city. The builders have started constructing sky scrapers.

Formation House, Retreat Centre, Home for the destitute women

There are nine sisters in the community, four postulants, four student candidates and two precandidates.  The sisters take care of the formation of the aspirants and postulants. Various retreats and other important seminars, and functions of the province are held here. The sistes also look after the destitute women in Mercy home.  At present there are 24 women under their care.