Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross

Holy Cross Convent, Hassan

Karnataka Jesuit Fathers invited the sisters with a purpose to teach in their aided Kannada medium school. We had two teaching posts. The fathers were already having boarding for the boys who were economically backward catholic students. So we began the boarding for the girls who were economically poor.

By sensing the need of the time the hostel for the engineering students as well as girls who go for higher studies was started in the year 1996. There were many students who took admission in our hostel as well as in the boarding. Slowly the local people began Paying Guest and many were attracted to the paying guest rooms as they could get single room and much of freedom. So the number in the hostel had reduced. Thus the hostel for the engineering students was closed down. Later on responding to the need of the locality English medium school was started in 2003.

Socio-cultural background:
Hassan is rural town and one of the districts in Karnataka, which has a number of historical monuments that attract the tourists.  The Hoysalas who ruled in the medieval ages built beautiful temples like Belur and Halebidu with artistic carvings.  The monolithic statue of Gomateshwara at Shravanabelgola is a pearl on the cultural and archeological crown of Karnataka.  In this space age Hassan was chosen as the most appropriate place to construct the Master Control Force station of the Satellite.  Hence M.C.F. (Master Control Force, Hassan) is the cradle for all the space scientists. Geographically Hassan is between Bangalore and Mangalore.  There are many buses from Hassan to these two important cities. Our place is in between the town and village so the locality is mostly settlers who remain for the purpose of work as well the education of their students.

Community and the apostolate now:
The community consists of five sisters.

Apostolate: Education, Collaboration with Jesuits, Pastoral work, Boarding

The sisters teach in the school and look after the boarding for P .U.C students of St. Joseph High school and for the school students. The present strength of the school is [ ] and there are [ ] boarders. One of the sisters teaches in St. Joseph High school run by Jesuit fathers.