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13th June 2014

The Omnipotent and Omniscient God who intervenes….

Very often we suffer inner conflict because we do not understand God’s leadings and actions. We cry our in anguish, "Why is God silent”? And why doesn’t he intervene in my life etc. All these doubts prey on our minds and our spirit and soul suffer immeasurably.

What makes life meaningful is the filial trust that God intervenes, controls and allows things to happen in life, to open up new horizons. God does not put up bill board nor send booming voices from above rather whispers in silence and intervenes to bring out the best in us. All kinds of challenges are invitation for us to become more loving –vibrant, creative and free. Tremendous progress in every field of life is achieved because people responded creatively and optimistically to the challenging situations. In no situation does creativity, trust and surrender blossom as much as in suffering. Trust in the intervention of God is the foundation for happy and joyful living. This knowledge is divine and cannot be broken up or blown apart.  Trouble and turmoil are inevitable part of being alive especially as human beings. When we are able to accept and celebrate pain, we experience the benefit of pain that is hope, the most essential component in killing neurosis. Carl Jung, the great psychologist, observes, “All neurosis is the result of the unwillingness to go through necessary legitimate pain.”

The comforting assurance is that my great, big and wonderful God is much bigger than all my problems put together. Our faith is tested not in the sunny days of our lives rather through hard trials, bitter experiences and unpleasant events. It is not to make us bitter rather to improve the quality of our lives and to gain valuable insights to look forward to the future. What makes difference in life is the kind of attitude we possess and the way we perceive the events. We can turn tragedies into triumph, obstacles in to opportunities, worst in to best, weakness into potentials, problems in to projects, frustrations into inspiration, bitterness into forgiveness if only we are persons of prayer, and have great vision and zest for life. Times of tragedies, frustration, loss, crisis, sickness, etc. are the moments God explicitly intervenes and makes this presence felt. This intervention of God is very mysterious and beyond the grasp of mortals. Courage and strength gained through difficulties enables us to deal with massive challenges. A gentle smile even at the heavy storm can work wonders because nothing happens to us that God doesn’t know about or out of his control. 

God uses obstacles, as opportunities to defeat depressions fear disappointments and bitterness and bring about greater spiritual gifts like transformation and child like trust. These gifts are not magical formulas but an interior experience of the divine within. Intervention of God in blessed virgin’s life made the eternal word become flesh, to dwell among people. Enabled Jesus to accept the father hood of God and finally drink the chalice of suffering for a greater cause. We are all God’s work man ship. He designs us with great potentials and uses different tools on us to make us perfectly fit in to his plan. Tools can be people –events, troubles, failures, sickness, and frustrations. These tools are to chip away the rough edges and to shape the lives in accordance with God’s plan. They are not to break us but to make us better persons.

No events in life go in vain rather open up new avenues for life. By the time God delivered His people from Pharaoh they were strong in every aspect and had developed their muscles through hard work.   Jesus the Son of God won life for us by dying on the cross. These significant events reminds us that death on the cross or life in the desert was the not the end all of everything rather there is hope even in the midst of bitter afflictions.

In a string instrument there will be harmonious and sweet music when strings are stretched properly. If there is no tension in the string the instrument cannot produce the desired music. Likewise God uses the challenges as a megaphone to help us realize our inner truer selves devoid of masks and prejudices. Tears often clear our vision so also pain can make as the persons we are meant to be. It’s really exciting to know how God intervenes to produce sweet sounding and harmonious music to make the onward journey meaningful and worth living.

Posted By:Sr. Reeja Joseph