Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross

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13th June 2014


Woman was a name pronounced by God 
A name, which holds the goodness of God 
Woman is the one who carries within her the beauty 
Accomplishes everything considering her duty 
Woman works perfectly to prove her brilliance 
Achieving all the success with excellence 
Holding the mantra of self sacrifice 
Vibrating everywhere life and peace 
Woman is her name 
Has no desire to seek fame 
Her love knows no measure 
Has no goal of self-pleasure 
To the sick, she is a consoler
To the needy a provider 
To the lonely a mother 
To the destitute a sister 
Her life attributes are other centered 
Own personal benefits are cornered 
Every dusk of life strides with courage 
With a root of faith, conquers the strife 
By giving birth, she gives the new image of God 
Her generosity moves generations in the world 
Highest place she owns in poetic imaginations 
A pearl in the crown of God’s beauty 

Posted By:Sr. Shaila Ruzario