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13th June 2014

Holistic Physiotherapy - a way of blessing for physical and mental healing

I, Harshal Sanjay Soble, Age 35, from Wylenagar,  Kalyan, would like to testify regarding  the treatment of holistic physiotherapy being taken at Holy Cross Hospital. I was suffering from severe pain in my right hand for the last 4 months. The pain was so horrible that often I used to take strong medicines but in vain. I was also being suggested to go for X-Ray as chances of spondylises perhaps might have an effect on my body. Along with medicines a little knowledge of Traction, light massage and acupressure were in my mind but never had I gone for it. In consultation with the medical doctor I was suggested to go for Holistic physiotherapy and I am undergoing this therapy for the last 10-12 days. This therapy has done wonders in me. I am happy  to testify that I am completely healed from  the pain in my right hand.

Case 2: A man of 26 years affected by paralytic attack was brought to us after seven days. He could neither speak nor move the left leg. There was absolutely no sensation. No blood circulation. First there days there was no difference. On the tenth day his speech returned and on the 14th day he started to move his fingers and legs. He was given a break of 20days. At his return another 7 days treatment was given where he experienced the healing. At present he resumed his work. His parents are happy. It is through our touch God brings healing to the patients who comes to us. 

Both cases were given the treatment of Acupressure and Nano 

People who come with pain and suffering return with joy and happiness. The healing touch of our sisters in the Holistic department brings hope in the lives of the people.

Posted By:Sr. Dhanam Mary