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13th June 2014

You and your shadow

The good you find in others is in you too. The faults you find in others are your faults as well.  The possibilities you see in others are for you as well. The beauty you see around you is yours.

The world around you is a reflection. A mirror shows you your external appearance. A shadow invites you to look into the hidden parts. A shadow is the darker side of the self. It is the repressed and denied part of the self. The more you resist your shadow, the more it is after you.  If you do not embrace your shadow, everyone else will experience it.  The more you walk away from, the more it follows you. You may not see, but others may see. 

St. Paul struggled with his shadow – “I cannot explain what is happening to me, because I do not do what I want, but on the contrary, the very things I hate I do.” Rom 7:15.

When others are gentle, violent, critical or loving towards you, it is because you made it happen to you. Others are your mirror. The way they react towards you is based on the way you react towards yourself unconsciously. If a certain person is very disagreeable and critical around you and you judge her as a disagreeable and critical person, it is because you are disagreeable and critical with yourself and this person, being your mirror, is only there to help you. If you accept this fact that you are this way, you will not be bothered by or attract disagreeable or critical people any more.

If you bring to your mind the so called enemies of you one by one and pin point the traits which you dislike in them, it gives you a clear picture of your shadow. Embrace the shadow; accept it as part of you. Bring to your mind the friends of you one by one and list the traits you like in them, it gives a reflection of you, the acceptable part of you, the part you call it as you. Be happy about the beauty you see in you, accept it and offer your whole self - You and Your shadow to God Almighty.  

Posted By:Sr. Salimma George