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21st February 2018

Asha Bhavan

ASHA BHAVAN – infusing hope for the neglected.

Life is a multi –hued spectacle where all does not necessarily go as per perceptions and desires of a normal life. While there are those that aspire to scale the pinnacle of success, there are also those that are not so lucky in this unequal race of life. Unfortunately due to various inabilities and conditions many find themselves incapable to even to fend for themselves, and look with hope for someone to lend them helping hand and reflect the much desired love and affection.

However there is a ray of hope for those who have lost hope and perhaps, interest and yet want to live the last days happily. Thus keeping in mind our founders motto; THE NEED OF THE TIME IS THE WILL OF GOD, we have opened ASHA BHAVAN a home for Senior Disabled and women in distress at Tivim Goa, to give hope to the less privileged.

“Every seed that is planted and cared for properly will fertilize and grow, multiplying into immensity.” Fr. Theodosius.

Asha Bhavan was inaugurated on 1st June 2016. As this is the home for Special category of people, Sisters had to prepare Prospectus & rules and regulations in consultation with the authority for the better functioning of the home. Sisters visited the Parishes of South and North Goa and distributed the brochures to make the home known. Local Newspapers and magazines like New Leader, Renavocao (magazine of Archdiocese of Goa and Daman), Parish bulletin etc. gave articles regarding our home.

We started taking inmates by the end of April 2017 after getting the occupancy certificate. But in the first week of March 2017 there were cases for women in distress. We provide compassionate care and  hope  to those who are  45 years & above, physically disabled, mentally retarded, paralyzed, bed ridden including those with Parkinsonism and to women (18 - 45 yrs.) in distress, to ensure that they live with respect and dignity in a secure, congenial environment and surroundings.

We provide intermediate short term care to women patients suffering from recent stroke/ paralysis who are being discharged from hospital in order to enable the family and care givers sufficient time to make satisfactory arrangements at home and simultaneously undergo training in the care of the disabled/bedridden woman at home. And we also provide care for the elderly disabled couples.

Till now we had 19 inmates (11 disabled, 8 women in distress). We also had 4 inmates for a short time who were completely bedridden and expired with mild attack. They had a peaceful death and their family appreciated us for the care given to them during their last days.

 “Let us not shrink back because of demands made on us and the sacrifices asked. Our Church and Christian love make this duty for us.” Fr. Theodosius Florentini.

At present we have 6 disabled women and 5 women in distress. All our inmates are from different parts of Goa. Our disabled inmates are fully dependent on us as they are unable to walk and care for their needs. Our women in distress are with different tragedies, some are abandon by their own family members, some have no shelter and security, therefore we sisters try to solve their problems and provide them their basic needs and give them hope & meaning in life. They feel grateful, happy and contented with the care given to them.  As we serve them and take care of them, we experience God’s manifold blessings flowing to us. Initially all the cases are visited and studied by Dr. Philomina (Mina) along with the sisters. She voluntarily helps us and visits our inmates thrice in a week. There are also other doctors like Dr. Ashish Rodrigues, Dr. Rajesh who come to visit our inmates.

Many good and generous people help us financially and materially. We sincerely acknowledge the pioneering works of Sr. Johanna B, whose untiring efforts have borne fruits today for this special category of people.

We thank our Mother General and her team for all their financial help and assistance. We are grateful to our former Provincial, Sr. Lincy Cherian and the present Provincial Sr. Flory D’Souza and her team for their constant support, encouragement and help. We also thank all the sisters who had been part of Asha Bhavan family and have contributed to its growth.

Let this saying of Holy Father Francis,  inspire all of us “ Time spent with the sick is holy time, it is a way of praising God who conforms to the image of His Son, who came not to be served but to serve and give His life as a ransom for many.”

As Fr. Theodosius says “Plant the kernel and prepare the ground and God’s blessings will not fail”. We have planted and prepared the ground, we pray for God’s blessings that Asha Bhavan may continue to give hope to many and the mission may flourish.

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