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29th July 2017

Education is for life not only for living.

Education is for life not only for living

“Sisters, you taught us how to lead a life as human being. Thank you.” was the message I received a few days ago from Jeyashri, my student, from RCM School, Chennai along with a picture of a class room situation. She was the topper in the school and now she is doing her graduation and occasionally she expresses her gratitude whenever we happened to meet.

Education somehow have become only for marks and money to the student and parents. The educational institutions cater to their needs because the school needs to keep going with all its well furnished infrastructures. The news papers today are filled with advertisement for admission to schools colleges and universities  as there are no sufficient number of students.

The students who come out of such institutions get good jobs with a fat salary. Unfortunately he has lost the human aspect of love, care, respect, being helpful, making sacrifices, being generous and a leading a sound family life. There is a narrow flavor in his thinking and in his being. As a result of this we have an imbalanced society.

Today, Chennai city is facing an acute problem for water as there is no rain. The price of drinking water and the containers to carry water have gone up and people search for water with pots in their hands. The common municipality taps are crowded and often we find people having no patience to wait for their turn. Due to severe heat no one can be on the roads during the day.Now, the older and wiser people are thinking what to do and how long are we going to be in Chennai for our survival. Everyone is in need of rain today. We look at the clouds these days with great hope. But it goes away silently without thunder, lightning and an out pour.

God created all that there were before. Man created all that there is today. The face of earth is disfigured as we have thrown the acid of pollution, cut down the trees, over used the plastics and thrown on the face of  our mother earth. Man, the crown of all creation has become a thorn to every creation. ‘Right Education’ is the only means to instill in the students to lead a value based life to live harmoniously with one another, take care of the universe and contribute something of his to the world to enhance the creation. The teachers needs to be a role models in their lives and in their teaching.

  • Sr. M.Thaines Mary, Avadi 
Posted By:Sr. M Thaines Mary