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14th March 2017

Human Trafficking....Save the girl child


Human Trafficking.... Save the girl child

Science and technology have made advances by leaps and bounds so also the human mind and emotions. More over there is a tendency in the youth for experimentation and exploration Some times this can affect the individual and his / her future adversely. Mass media provides plenty of examples of it every day like abnormal behaviors, rape molestation, brutal killing etc.

  Timely guidance and leadership are necessary for the youth for the proper development of their potentials and energies. Hence awareness programmes are being conducted for various groups of the youth at schools/villages etc. 

Dr. Sr. Roshni besides her routines schedules at Holy Cross Hospital, shares her knowledge with the youth of different categories at various places.

Following is one of the sessions in progress on Human Trafficking....Save The Girl Child. Abortion. Sex Education. Personal  Hygiene, conducted for  175 Students of St. Therese H.School, Dombivali on 10. 02. 2017.

Posted By:Sr. Dr. Roshni