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3rd March 2017

Success story of Anita

Success story of Anita

This is a real life story of a tribal woman named Anita whose success story is worth sharing with one and all. Anita was married off by her poor tribal parents at the age of 15. She had studied till IXth, however due to poor financial conditions at home, she was forced to quit school and get married. After marriage, Anita gave birth to 3 children- 2 girls and one boy. When Anita was expecting her third child, she lost her husband and her life was devastated. She was teaching in a balwadi run by a NGO, however, she was receiving no payment for the same. In the year 2011  Sanjeevani started its work with the tribals in Raitha village and for the first time came in touch with Anita. Sanjeevani also had initiated education work in the villages and recognising Anita’s talent and dedication, engaged her for running the classes for the tribal children. Sanjeevani further encouraged Anita to pursue her education and with our support and backing, Anita completed her Xth through NIOS (National Open Schooling). One of the amazing things worth mentioning here is that Anita’ daughter who was 14 years old, too passed her Xth std. Exams along with her mother. Recognising this achievement by  adivasi woman, Anita was awarded by several organisations and she has also been written about in several newsletters. That indeed was a proud moment for Sanjeevani. However, Sanjeevani did not stop there. We further encouraged her to complete her higher secondary examinations through NIOS. Anita has taken up this challenge and has embarked on this journey of educating herself as well as the less fortunate and marginalised children of the Adivasi areas. 

Anita receiving award by Savitri Utsav


Posted By:Sr. Dhanam