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4th May 2016

Sanjeevani Foundation

Sanjeevani Foundation (Lourdes Community Centre, Kalyan) had been working with great dedication for the marginalised and weaker sections of the society, since the past 10 years in the city of Kalyan. On the occasion of Human Rights Day, which is celebrated the world over on 10th December, Sanjeevani Foundation had organised a rally in Kalyan city, on the issue of Human Trafficking in order to create awareness amongst the general public. Human trafficking is a global phenomenon that is fuelled by poverty and gender discrimination. It is a trade, where lives are bought and sold as commodities into prostitution and forced labour. Trafficking in persons is a serious crime and a grave violation of human rights. Millions of men, women and children around the world are currently victims of human trafficking. Realising the need of the hour and the gravity of this social evil and in order to celebrate Human Rights Day in a very meaningful and significant manner, Sanjeevani Foundation decided to take up the issue of Human Trafficking on the occasion of Human Rights Day. With an aim to mobilise the public for participation in the rally, Sanjeevani Foundation with its team of dedicated staff, conducted several awareness programmes in schools, youth groups and women’s groups, a few days prior to the rally. On the day of the event, approximately 386 people attended the rally, which included a majority of school children and youth. The participants carried banners and posters and marched in silent procession around the city of Kalyan. After the procession, an awareness song was sung and a street play on Human Trafficking was staged by the students of the National Open School and Dance on the same theme Nursing Aide students of Holy Cross Hospital. At the end there was a Prayer with a lighted candle. The programme was a big success and the organisation believes that the event has succeeded in opening the eyes and the minds of the general public.

Sanjeevani Foundation has taken its first and major step forward in the fight against this organised crime, which signifies the beginning of a revolution against this social evil.  Sanjeevani shall not rest here, but shall carry forward its struggle against one of the greatest crimes against humanity.

Posted By:Sr. Dhanam