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13th June 2014

My favorite dish

Here is a recipe for your favourite dish. This recipe will teach us some of the exotic dishes ever prepared in the world. This calls for ingredients that are readily available everywhere and anywhere. The flavour is so enjoyable that savouring them would be very delightful. This recipe is being collected from those who really enjoy life to the full. 

Method: - 

Take complete 24 hours, sort them very carefully of all bitterness, hate and envy. Smear them with the oil of surrender and acceptance. Then add – patience – 2 table spoons, courage – 1 cup, enthusiasm – 2 spoons full, faith – 1 pinch, gentleness – 1 spoon and also a part of hope, kindness and sincerity accordingly. Add humour for taste. Stir gently and cook them well.   

Put together one part of prayer and meditation with solitude and solidarity. Heat them with a good portion of happiness and a good measure of honour. Spread 2 spoons of good wish and optimism. Add a little anger if required. Mix everything in a vessel of love. Cook well on the fire of radiant joy and garnish them with a smile and serve bountifully.

Posted By:Sr. Rosie J.