Sisters of Mercy of Holy Cross

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13th June 2014


Across the lakes do we travel
Across the land do we trade 
Many the people we meet 
And many the people we love. 

For life goes on 
Amidst the joys and sorrows 
There is something that pushes us 
A call from deep within. 

At times we do not understand 
The very meaning of our existence 
For the forces around us are many 
And the single soul does make the choice. 

There are things around us 
That leaves us captured 
There are forces around and within us 
That leaves us perplexed. 

Yet the call from within 
Is indeed worthy of attention 
For it is this inner voice 
That puts our paths right. 

The source of this call varies 
For great souls have gone before us 
Great people have lived before us
And still do we find. 

Oh! Rise above the daily trifles 
For the chances await for 
The one who searches 
And the one who seeks earnestly. 

There are no easy roads
To experience the fullness of life 
We ought to have a focus 
A goal clear in mind. 

So pay attention to that inner voice 
For that is the source of life.
For that is the source of happiness 
And that is the source of inspiration. 

The choice is yours and mine
To be inspired
And to inspire others 
Through a right living!

Posted By:Sr. Smitha Varghese